Disney Even looks at Gender Roles

I was recently watching old Disney movies with my family, and I realized…. have you ever seen a male character in the role of maid or nanny? Look how many Disney has; Cinderella always cleaning, Snow White taking care of the Seven dwarfs (aka 7 men), Mary Poppins cleaning and taking care of the children, etc. Disney, like the rest of Western culture too believed women and men had certain roles they needed to perform. Even lately, the movie “Despicable Me” shows a man taking care of the children but he often has no idea what he is doing!

Note: the one female mouse tells the other male mice to “leave the sewing to the women.” Even the mice have gender roles established!

Gender roles are taught to us at a very young age through our family, society, as well as media playing a HUGE role.


Feminism Goes Digital

After watching this video for our class discussion post, I realized how closely related it was to my blog. The video focuses on the “fourth wave of feminism” considering the digital media. It really made me think… were Salish women feminists? Or did they simply always have power? I really thought about this and realized that within our western culture we came accustom to men being the leaders, and now are trying to take back this power.