Thank you for reading!

First, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope that you are currently more informed on the issues gender roles and ideals bring to culture as well of how the media impacts our views. I specifically focused on Lee Marcle’s First Wives Club; Coast Salish Style; observing the struggles these aboriginal women faced but more of how they resisted them in order to survive and thrive!

These women resisted the ideals placed on them such as society, media, their husbands, etc. I hope through this blog you understood how the term ‘sexy’ can be considered very broad; what is considered sexy in western culture is not always the same in others as it is extremely influenced by ones culture. We as society need to be aware of other cultures and ideals, realizing our way is not always the right way. We need to be more inclusive instead of exclusive.  The Salish women felt secluded from the Western’s description of sexy and also that their forms of romance were less important, or not truly ‘romantic.’

I discussed the roles of these Salish women and how they compared to our westernized women; differences in roles, position within society, etc. Perhaps our westernized culture needs to take note of the equality between men and women within the Salish culture. Although we are striving for equality between men and women, men still dominate many areas of our society whereas women are more important in Salish culture.

These women resisted the ideals placed on them, displaying their determination. These women did not just survive through their struggles, but were successful through them! They surpassed the gender roles placed on them as well as the media’s influence of their physical and emotional status of ‘sexy’ and ‘romantic’ showing their own self confidence and knowledge of their self-worth.

Not only did these women defy the social norms, they succeeded in doing so; proving their strength and determination.


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