This post gives excellent examples of the western male and female stereotypes concerning both their personality and their roles! Well done

What's My Role?

In society, men and women have been slotted into specific categories.  Each gender is given a set of stereotypes which they must adhere to, or else they are seen as “weird” or “gay/lesbian.”  Men and women who do not perform their traditional gender roles are called “sissies” or “tom boys.”

Male Stereotypes

  • Men work in “dirty jobs” (e.g. construction, mechanics, plumbers)
  • Men are good at math and science
  • Men are strong
  • Only men can be doctors, engineers, scientists or work with technology
  • At home, men perform the “dirty jobs” of mowing the law, taking out the trash etc.
  • Men play sports and video games
  • Men enjoy camping, fishing, hiking and hunting
  • Men are lazy and messy
  • Men are in charge of their wives at home or are the manager, CEO, or owner in the workplace
  • Men do not cry or show emotion

Female Stereotypes

  • Women have “clean jobs” (e.g. secretaries…

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