What is Resistance?

Resistance is known as “The action of resisting, opposing, or withstanding someone or something” (OED). When thinking of resistance I often think of a fight or struggle against a strong force. However, I also think of how strong you feel after pushing through struggles and resisting things you don’t want in life. The most invigorating thought is to be not only surviving, but thriving as well!

In Lee Marcle’s First Wives Club: Coast Salish Style we see the resistance these women face. Resisting racial segregation, gender exclusion, and as well their age being a contributing factor, these women accomplished many dreams and proved to be strong and determined. They resist the normative roles that are placed on them, often from society, men, other races, media, or even the way they perceive the world around them. These restrictions did not leave them repressed but rather shaped their character.

In this blog I will be expanding on how these characters survived and thrived during these times of resistance, and how although they were continuously challenged they didn’t back off, but rather dove into the challenges. The emotional challenges that they face are relatable, therefore creating a connection with the reader.    Image


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